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Pond in the Garden — Garden Designs in Longview, TX
The landscape around your home is the combination of two elements working together: softscape and hardscape. Softscape refers to the less permanent aspects which can change from season to season such as the plants, soil and most organic matter. Hardscape on the other hand, consists of parts which will stay the same over time, such as walls, walkways and patios. Warren Landscaping Co. has an entire page dedicated to our hardscaping services [link to Hardscaping page]. The right combination of these two elements can create a truly remarkable outdoor environment. Warren Landscaping Co. wants to help you make your dream landscape a reality. Set up a consultation with us so we can discuss the possibilities for your home and provide you with an estimate. Call us today at (903) 663-1122!

Unique and Customized Landscaping Designs

We understand that big landscaping projects can be intimidating. Talking about types of plants and soils may sound like a different language to you. At Warren Landscaping Co. we pride ourselves on making beautiful landscaping accessible to everyone, regardless of your preexisting knowledge on the subject matter. With our team of professionals, you can choose how involved you would like to be. We can work off a simple suggestion of color or theme or we can formulate a design by giving you options to choose from.


Revamp & Revitalize Your Existing Design

You may not want to do a full redesign of your yard. Perhaps you are perfectly happy with the layout of your garden you just want to add some new elements to freshen it up. Warren Landscaping Co. can revamp what you already have with a splash of different colors or shapes. You may be surprised how much of a difference some small but well placed changes can make. Call (903) 663-1122 today to speak to one of our landscape design experts!

Other Landscaping Services

  • Custom landscaping
  • Landscaping designs
  • Hydro-mulching
  • Outdoor putting greens
  • Gardens
  • Outdoor Oasis
Warren Landscaping Co. will make your outdoor living space come to life! We offer a one-year warranty for plant material and five years for hardscapes. Call us today for an estimate (903) 663-1122.